December 21st, 2011 4:54 pm

• Living in and enjoying Washington DC
• Working as an Application Support and Training Specialist
• Single, with no significant other (SO) in my life
• Getting on a plane at least once a month to visit kids and grandkids in FL & TX
• Buying way too many books and Apple products
• Trying to find time for diet and exercise
• Knitting and crocheting
• Spending way too much time on a computer
• A huge fan of President Obama
• Sure that I won’t be able to afford to retire until I’m about 80
• So proud of my kids and love the way they’ve turned out as adults
• Happy with their choices of SOs and enjoy the extended family these SOs have brought into my life
• An owner of 2 cats, Dalai & Dharma
• Missing my sister Sherry every day since she’s been gone
• Grateful for my 2 brothers and their wives & the good care they give my 85 year old mother in Dallas
• Happy that the youth of today are concerned and active and occupying
• (knock on wood) In good health, despite the careless way I consume food and get rest
• A doting MaDear (grandma) with my 5 g-daughters and my 4 g-sons
• Wondering where the time has gone (as I turn 63 in February 2012)
• Using every last hour of PTO as soon as I earn it
• Thinking that life isn’t always fair, but grateful that I don’t always get what I deserve
• A Unitarian Universalist
• Thankful for all the wonderful people that I know, and have known, in my life
• Praying for peace on earth
• Supporting Mediation as the practical, empowering way to resolve conflict
• Trying to find balance
• Finding it difficult to get rid of stuff
• Crazy after all these years

4 Responses to “I’m still…”

  1. MA Says:

    Great list!

    You’re still…
    a precious person to SO many people!

  2. Lukee Says:


  3. Claudia Says:

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your list, Jill. It matches so well with my own, inspires me and makes me remember why it was always so much fun to be around you.
    Sounds like your life is full to bursting with good things, challenges, and blessings. May it always be so.
    Much love at this dark time of the year. You are a ray of sunshine.

  4. Tammy Says:

    Thanks for sharing your list Jill! You’re an amazing Mom, sister, daughter, friend, etc. I think you for introducing Katie to us. We enjoy our relationship and appreciate all she does for TeoTios. I applaud your success at being a single parent and taking time to spend with your family. Grandma’s are the best and your g-kids will remember the time you spend with them always. Truly special. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and New Year!

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